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Read Excel using C#

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SharePoint Feature

Feature in sharepoint

Feature: Is a block of functionality, which user can activate and deactivate based on requirement in sharepoint site.

-How feature has implimented and where it has to deploy

–Identify the feature. It will have description of feature.
–It should have Uniq GUID
You create new GUID using Visual Studio
Go to Tools–>Create GUID–>Create new GUID–>Copy–>Paste in Feature.xml Feature ID
–Scope: Farm (farm), WebApplication (Web application), Site (site collection), Web (Web site)
–ImageUrl :12\TEMPLATE\IMAGES\im.jpg
–ElementManifest Location:
–Receiver Assembly: should be deployed in to GAC
–Receiver Class: This class will inheript SPFeatureReceiver class which has provided by Sharepoint
Here you can write code for
Feature Install -Optional
Feature UnInstall -Optional
Feature Activate
Feature Deactivate

ActivateOnDefault = “TRUE” | “FALSE”
AlwaysForceInstall = “TRUE” | “FALSE”
AutoActivateInCentralAdmin = “TRUE” | “FALSE”
Creator = “Text”
DefaultResourceFile = “Text”
Description = “Text”
Hidden = “TRUE” | “FALSE”
Id = “Text”
ImageUrl = “Text”
ImageUrlAltText = “Text”
ReceiverAssembly = “Text”
ReceiverClass = “Text”
RequireResources = “TRUE” | “FALSE”
Scope = “Text”
SolutionId = “Text”
Title = “Text”
UIVersion = “Text”
Version = “Text” >


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How Sharepoint works

Asp.Net Request:

Request–>Asp.Net Runtime

Asp.Net run time will give the response to browser

Sharepoint Request:

Request–>HttpHandllers–>HttpModules–>———->>>>—–Asp.Net Runtime
| | |
| | |
| | |
–>–Sharepoint Runtime—>—>>>>—–|

open your Sharepoint web site web.config
you can find HttpHandllers, HttpModules tags

if you add SPHttpHandller,SPRequestModule to any web.config then that site become a sharepoint site.

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SilverLight Video

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sharepoint Videos

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SQL Port 1433

If you are trying to Access SQL from out side with firewal, you have to make it open 1433 port in sql server.

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SLA-Service level agreement
PDC- Professional Developer Conference.

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