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Infopath Textbox pattern

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SharePoint 2010 Administration

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administration Download

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Install Feature Pack 2

The following is not a valid technology name: Silverlight. To search for a control, you must specify a valid technology name.
Parameter name: TechnologyName

Install Feature Pack 2

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Infopath Image Upload

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Start or Stop the Web Server (IIS 7)

Using the UI Open IIS Manager and navigate to the Web server node in the tree.

In the Actions pane, click Start if you want to start the Web server or Stop if you want to stop the Web server.

Using a command line Open an elevated command-line window.

At the command prompt, type net stop WAS and press ENTER; type Y and then press ENTER to also stop W3SVC.

To restart the Web server, type net start W3SVC and press ENTER to start both WAS and W3SVC

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PowerShell Command Builder

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Unable to connect to server on port 5252 connect failed

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