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Sorry, this site hasn’t been shared with you in SharePoint 2013


Error occurred in deployment step’Uninstall app for SharePoint’: Cannot connect to the SharePoint Site.

Term Store-Site Column-Content Type in SharePoint 2013

Term Store-Site Column-Content Type in SharePoint 2013
1.Create new term store
2.Create a Site column with data type as meta data.Select term store while creating Site column
3.Create Content type.
4.Add existing site columns, select Site column which you have created in the Step 2
5.Create a Document library, Add Content type which you have created.

How to Open Term store Management in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 Apps

SharePoint 2013 Apps

Host Web: Site Where users add an app.App is available via site contents, app parts, menu items, or ribbon.

App Web: Site that hosts app code(HTML and Javascript) as well pages and lists. App can securely access this site using javascript

Isolated App Domain: for isolation, apps run in a URL space separate from host web

– is the host web
-is app URL

SharePoint 2013 Add new Link in List Setting Page

SharePoint 2013 Add new Link in List Setting Page

Add new element in Visual Studio 2012

Add new CustomAction