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microsoft virtual academy

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WebClient namespace

Add using System.Net;

you will get

WebClient objWclient = new WebClient();

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Office 365 free sites

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Windows Azure

Hello World in Windows Azure Web Sites

Introduction to Windows Azure Cloud Services
Cloud Service is like a container where we can add Roles.
Cloud Service=[Role1,Role2,Role3,…]
We can define the instances for each Role.
Ex: Cloud Service=[Role1 x2,Role2 x3,Role3 x4, ROole4 x1,…]
x1: 1 instance
x2: 2 instances
x3: 3 instances
x4: 4 instances
instance is a Virtual Machine which will run in the Azure.
So finally each Role instances = VM + Guest Operating System + some additional softwares..
Take our example:

We have ,
FirstCouldService={HelloWorldWebRole x1}
When we deploy FirstCouldService in the Windows Azure, one VM will create.
Scale-up: x–>X
Scale-up mean you are going to increase or change the existing environment. Ex: If you 1TB 60GB Server, if you add 1TB 60GB additional then it will be Scale-up. To do scale-up, you have Shutdown the server. It will leads to down time the application.
In scale-up, ip address of the system will not change. So no need to bother about ip address.
Scale-out: x + x + x + x….
Scale-out mean you are going to add additional capacities to exiting system, without disturbing the existing system. No need of down time, you can add or remove without down time.
In scale-out, ip address of the each server will be different, so how can we connect different servers?
Ans is load balancer. Load balancer will provide one public address, so always we have to connect that publiv address, no need to bother about individul server ips.

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Scale-up Scale-out

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Get started with Mobile Services

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Deployment failed because no Windows Phone was detected. Make sure a phone is connected and powered on

Solution: You are running application without connecting Windows Phone.

In the Visual Studio You have selected “Device” and running your app.
Change from “Device” to “Emulator WVGA 512MB”
Now run the app.
Your problem will solve

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