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Powershell: Start-SPAssignment -Global

Powershell: Start-SPAssignment -Global
It allows you to assign a variable to a list of objects and provides you the ability dispose of those objects at any time in the script. You can assign a list of objects, like your SPSite, SPWeb objects and dispose of them when you no longer need them. It is very useful in memory intensive powerhsell applications.


AddFailOverInstance PowerShell

$fdb = Get-SPDatabase –Identity <id of database>
$fdb.AddFailOverInstance(“failover alias/sql”)

Get WebApplication Name Using GUID

Manage hit highlighted summary for a managed property by using Windows PowerShell

SharePoint SPQuery List Internal Names

$site= New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite (“http://SP2010&#8221;)
$list.Fields |select ID, title, internalname| more

In SPQuery you have to use internal Names only.

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