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SharePoint 2010 Custom Theme as Feature

SharePoint 2010 Custom Theme as Feature

First download Microsoft theme builder from below link

Creating a custom theme
1. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\GLOBAL\Lists\themes
2. Copy one of the OOTB themes into your working folder
3. Rename it j.thmx
4. Open theme file in Microsoft Theme Builder, name it appropriately, in this case ” j” and change the colors to suit your needs and save the file.

Creating a SharePoint Project
Open VS 2010
File–>New Project–>Sharepoint 2010–>Empty SharePoint Project
Neme: MyCustomTheme
Select Sandbox solution
In VS, right click on project > Add > New Item.. > Module, named ‘ModuleMyTheme’

Copy the .thmx file from the file system and paste into the ‘ModuleMyTheme’ in VS

Delete the sample.txt file from the module folder. The resultant VS solution explorer should as follows.

Modifying the elements.xml
Actual elements.xml

The source of the thmx file is represented by File > Path, which is the location from the feature folder.
The destination should be the theme folder under _catalogs i.e. ‘_catalogs/theme/MyTheme.thmx’. This has to be added as the URL attribute in module tag plus the URL attribute in the File tag. The final xml looks like the following..

Deploy the feature: Right-click the project and select deploy.

Once deployed, navigate to the site > Site Actions > Site Settings > Look and Feel > Site Themes, you will find your custom theme deployed.

Custom Theme in SharePoint 2010


SharePoint 2010 Custom theme

Add Custom theme to SharePoint 2010

October 10, 2012 1 comment

Add Custom theme to SharePoint 2010

Open MS PPT 2010

Click on Design–>Select any theme–>Click on more icon in the themes pane
You will able to see Save Current theme..
Click on Save Current theme(Name should be: <ThemeName>.thmx )
Save with any name in your local system

Upload your theme in to SharePoint
Open your SharePoint site
Click Site Actions
Click Site Settings
In the Look and Feel section, click Site theme
At the top of the page click the Theme Gallery link
Click the Documents tab
Click Upload Document
Click Browse
Browse to the <ThemeName>.thmx file you created and select it
Click OK
Click Save

Apply the theme

Click Site Actions
Click Site Settings
In the Look and Feel section, click Site theme
In the Select a Theme section select the theme you uploaded
Click the Preview button to see what the theme will look like once it is applied
To apply the theme to your SharePoint site, click the Apply button.