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How to Open CodedUI SPY

Cross Site Publishing in SPO- Load List Data

Cross Site Publishing in SPO- Load List Data

Created a list in Authoring SC
Create Content Type
Create a Custom List
Add Content type to List
-: Select parent content type from: List Content Type
-: Parent Content Type:Item

Add Columns.

It is always good to add column from Site columns. So first create site columns.

Now go to Content type add Columns from Site Columns.

Now go to Custom List.
Add Conent type which you have created. Enable: Allow management of content types?
Add from existing site content types

We need to add one more column,
Column Name as: MYContentType
Data type: Managed Metadata

So we have to create a Managed Metadata in Term Store.
GO to Site Settings–>Term store management
Expand Authoring SC
Click on “New Term Set”
Name it: ContentTypes
Click on “Create Term”
Name it: MyList

Now add above Managed Metadata in Custom List column: MYContentType
Data type: Managed Metadata
Select: Use a managed term set:
Find term sets that include the following terms

Expand :Authoring SC.
Added data to List
Do crawl….
Go to Publishing Site.
Create a Result Source.Ex: MyMyList
In Query Transform , give the source as Content type which you have created.

Or type below rule in the text box.
{searchTerms} SPSiteURL: (owstaxIdMYContentType:MyList)

In the query we have to use manged property of the our column.
I have created a column : MYContentType in the list.
Manage property of that column is: owstaxIdMYContentType.
In that column i have added data as : MyList

so my query will be:
{searchTerms} SPSiteURL: (owstaxIdMYContentType:MyList)

Query Rule
Now create a page in publishing site
Add content search web part
Select Result Source which you have created.

You will get data.