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SharePoint 2013 New features

SharePoint 2013 New features

Design Manager-
Device Channels-
HTML5, CSS3 – SharePoint 2013 support cross browser and device support. We are finishing an era where choosing between Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome were our only considerations. SharePoint 2013 works great on all these browsers now. With the device channels in the Design Manager for device support and the native use of HTML5, it definitely helps jump start collaboration on multiple browsers and devices

Community Sites and Community Portal-

New Search experience- No more FAST. FAST is included in SP2013. Continuous Crawling will happen in SP2013
Content Search Web Part-
In SP2010 and 2007, we are using Content Query Web Part. If we want to merge the content from more than one location we have to use XSLT.
But in SharePoint 2013 using Content Search Web Part, it will aggregate the content and will display.
Apps and the App Store– Create your own app using your own technology. Host the app in the cloud, use that app in SharePoint 2013.

New Services
-App Management Service
-Subscription Setting Sergice
-Machine Translation Services
-work management service

Removed from SharePoint 2013
-Office web apps (Now it should run outside of SharePoint server)
-Web Analytics- Now integrated as part of search

Request Manager
-Spreads load across servers in farm.
Lets assumes, some of the request ex: search query if you don’t want to run in the main server, you can redirect to server 3 or server 4.
This one we can handle based on request query..we can add conditions..

SharePoint 2013 workflows don’t run inside SharePoint.

It will run in Windows Azure workflow Services.
Download Windows Azure workflow services and install in your farm.

Custom Code execution in SharePoint

in 2007:
Custom code will work in SharePoint Server only.

in 2010:
Custom Code will in SharePoint Server.
and Clent side also(Using CSOM)

in 2013:
Custom Code’s APP.
You can run your app in any server(Any technology..any server), then call that App in SharePoint.


How SharePoint Apps will work
SharePoint App will be deployed in Client System or Cloud or On-Prem. App will not be deployed in SharePoint Server.

Apps are granted permissions to SharePoint vis OAuth

Apps communicate with SharePoint via OData/CSOM


SharePoint 2013- New Features

SharePoint 2013 New Features

SharePoint 2013 New features