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Add item to list then add new item to same list using K2 Blackpearl workflow


Moving K2 blackpearl SQL Databases to a new SQL Server or Instance

Moving K2 blackpearl SQL Databases to a new SQL Server or Instance

Moving K2 blackpearl SQL Databases to a new SQL Server or Instance

K2 BlackPearl Customizations

K2 BlackPearl Customizations

K2 Installation Configuration, Administration including patch management

  • Supported Platforms including upgrade to SP2010/2013
  • k2 workflow integration with SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 Lists and Libraries
  • Migration of K2 workflows from MOSS 2007 to SP2010 / 2013.
  • K2 – Task Management, Work List, Database Tables and Processes
  • Reporting and Auditing
  • Authentication Methods – Claims, Kerberos
  • InfoPath Integration with K2
  • Impact on SharePoint Administration and Architecture Planning – Sites, Libraries and Lists, User Management, Search, Dependencies on Publishing Features
  • Understanding the K2 UI Localization.
    • K2 Security
    • Interface for providing connection String
    • SOA
    • File Watcher
  • Features and Functions in Version 0807 (Year 2008) and differences in 4.6
  • No Code workflows and various designers supported.
  • Live Demo for such workflows
  • Analysis of existing configuration – 2 hours


 K2 architectural overview

•    Installing K2.NET

•    K2 Farm Configuration

•    Activation of K2.NET

•    Uninstalling and Deactivation of K2.NET

•    K2 Central Configuration (CC)

•    K2 Workflow

•    Exception Email Settings

•    Resource Providers.

•    Email Configuration

•    K2 Outlook Addins


  • Task Central – K2 Worklist
  • Understanding DataSource Settings

•     Understanding K2 Repository

•     Understanding K2 Workspace

•     List Infrastructure

•     Workflow Association with EC Events

•     Understanding the Process Designer


  • Understanding K2.NET Activities
  • Embedding K2 in ASP.NET Applications
  • Inline Functions for Business Logic
  • Web Services for SmartObjects
  • Web Services for Workflow
  • k2 view Flow
  • K2 Smart objects


Developing Custom Action

  • Developing Custom Role Providers
  • K2 APIs
  • Understanding K2 database tables
  • Debugging during Workflow Execution
  • Best Practices
  • ·Q&A